SMP® Engineered Solutions is the premier provider of customizable solutions for vehicle control and thermal management products. That means we offer an extensive portfolio of adaptable products to cover an expanding range of applications.

SMP Engineered Solutions Markets

SMP® Engineered Solutions is supported by a global resource network, strategically positioned to provide unique solutions to a wide-range customer base. We serve the On-Highway segment, specifically the commercial and niche light vehicle markets. Engineered Solutions also supports the Off-Highway channel including agriculture & construction, powersports, hydraulics & industrial, and outdoor power equipment. Within these markets Engineered Solutions concentrates on the following core product groups:

A critical segment of Standard Motor Product’s market programs, Engineered Solutions includes quality products delivered through our SMP Trombetta® and SMP Stabil® brands. Advanced engineering, expert, custom manufacturing and testing are the hallmarks of SMP® Engineered Solutions. In fact, our engineers perform rigorous laboratory and real-life testing including precision examination, measurement and product validation, environmental analysis, end-of-line and live on-vehicle testing. We go to these extraordinary lengths to ensure every Engineered Solutions part performs and lasts.

With locations throughout North America and worldwide, SMP® Engineered Solutions advanced facilities hold the latest IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications further ensuring our commitment to quality and sustainability.

For more than a century, SMP has a proven track record of delivering premium quality products and premium brands, advanced engineering with expert manufacturing – from raw material to end-of-line testing, and a time-tested ability to adapt to the changing technologies. But most of all, SMP® Engineered Solutions means a commitment to integrity.