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Digital Switching | Membrane Switches & Keypads

July 13, 2023

Digital switching systems are network-controlled hardware devices that replace DC mechanical switches with digital power distribution switching systems. Unlike mechanical switches, digital switching systems are programmable and completely customizable to meet the needs of each application. SMP Engineered Solutions delivers standard and customized membrane switches and keypads for challenging digital switching applications involving harsh environments.

What is Digital Switching?

The term digital switching refers to a networked method of replacing conventional DC mechanical switches and circuit breakers. In comparison to mechanical circuit breakers, digital switching systems are programmable and can control electronic systems remotely. Digital switching incorporates a single power source with one connection to each load. This eliminates many of the parts and connections required by traditional mechanical systems, significantly reducing the likelihood of failure, corrosion, or other problems.

Digital switching modules are securely sealed to be completely protected from even the most challenging environments. Using a digital switching system that operates on an NMEA 2000 network allows users to control onboard electronic systems, such as lighting, bilge pumps, and security systems, from any area within the NMEA network using a connected device like a smartphone.

Digital Switching Applications

Digital switching is used throughout several industries due to the convenience and numerous advantages it provides. Some of the most common applications for digital switching systems include:

Marine. The marine industry has been rapidly adopting digital switching solutions, from large yachts and vessels to smaller crafts. In comparison to traditional systems, digital switching solutions are extremely rugged and well-suited to marine environments that involve exposure to corrosive seawater. The marine industry values digital switching also because it delivers significant weight reduction, requiring far less cabling to distribute power throughout the vessel. This represents large cost savings in comparison to traditional systems.

Industrial Equipment – construction, ag, etc

Main Benefits

In any application, digital switching systems deliver numerous benefits. Some of the most significant advantages of these systems include:

  • Flexibility. Digital switching systems utilize customizable plug-and-play components that allow for easy replacement and upgrades. Certain systems even automatically program replacement modules.
  • Reduced costs. In marine applications, the weight reduction provided by digital switching systems results in significant cost savings. Digital systems also cost less than traditional switch panels and are cheaper to install.
  • Increased system reliability. Corrosion-prone wire connections and mechanical switches are eliminated, providing much more dependability and greater system performance in challenging environments.
  • Easier troubleshooting. Digital systems deliver system failure notifications with detailed information about voltage-current draws and use display icons to identify when something is not working correctly. This makes identifying and solving any problems quicker and easier.
  • Reduced weight. Digital switching systems eliminate a significant amount of cables and wires and replace bulky switch panels with smaller controls.
  • Remote monitoring and control. Any network-connected device can control digital switching systems from any location within the network.
  • Weather sealed. Weather sealing protects against water, dust, dirt, and other environmental contaminants that would damage traditional systems.

Digital Switching Products

SMP Engineered Solutions digital switching products include keypads and membrane switches that incorporate indicator LEDs as well as LCD and LED displays. Our keypad and membrane switch designs come in standard configurations and are also customizable to meet any specific shape and size requirement. Our rubber keypads are sealed and potted to work in even the most extreme applications.

SMP Engineered Solutions For Digital Switching Solutions

Digital switching products can deliver significant cost savings throughout the system’s lifetime and provide enhanced reliability in highly challenging environments. We provide standard and custom digital switching solutions for use in any industry. You can learn more about our products by contact us today.

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