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Power Products for Mobile Equipment

Mobile equipment—such as construction equipment, heavy trucks, and electrical vehicles—require specialized power management solutions to help them generate and regulate electrical power in the field. The solutions implemented must have the features needed for the equipment’s particular application as well as the durability to withstand the conditions within the application. Otherwise, they may not operate as effectively or efficiently as intended.

At SMP Engineered Solutions, we specialize in the design and manufacture of electronic controls for mobile equipment. We offer DC contactors, CAN devices, digital switches, and more, all of which are engineered to improve the equipment’s functionality and productivity. Below, we provide an overview of our product offerings.

DC Contactors

DC contactors are electromechanical devices used to switch high current on or off in low-voltage direct current (DC) circuits. They are designed to have greater current load capacities than standard relays, which makes them well-suited for use in industrial mobile equipment. Additionally, designed, selected, and installed properly, they can be employed in harsh operational and environmental conditions.

Our DC contactor product lines include

  • Full Silver PowerSeal Family
  • Plastic Family
  • Defender
  • PowerSeal Family
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Solid State Relay
  • Bear Family
  • Metal Family
  • 200A Latching Battery Separator
  • 13A Solid State Relay

Check out our DC contactors page to learn more about these products.

CAN Devices

Controller area network (CAN) bus devices are also referred to as electronic control units (ECUs). The devices consist of sensors, instruments, and other elements that work together to control particular functions within a CAN network. They improve the function and performance of a system by allowing for the quick and accurate record, storage, and exchange of information without the use of complex wiring, which helps reduce wiring costs and system weight. Additionally, they can identify errors and prevent electrical disturbances that may negatively affect the equipment’s performance and/or safety.

Our CAN devices are specially engineered for use in harsh mobile equipment environments, so our customers can be confident their equipment will work properly in the toughest conditions. They include:

  • J1939 Output Module
  • J1939 Gyro Inclinometer
  • J1939 CAN Getaway
  • J1939 Bus Splitter
  • J1939 RTD Input Module
  • J1939 190A Output Module
  • J1939 to 2×24 LCD
  • J1939 100A Output Module
  • J1939 to USB Adaptor
  • CANopen Bus Splitter
  • CANopen Accelerometer
  • CANopen Output Module
  • J1939 12 Output Module
  • J1939 H-Bridge Module
  • J1939 I/O Expansion Module

Find out more about these products on our CAN devices page.

Digital Switching Systems

Digital switches are hardware devices designed to handle digital signals. They are used to manage and exchange signals within a network. Compared to analog switches, they offer much faster performance.

Our digital switching products include membrane switches and keypads with indicator LEDs and LED/LCD displays. They are available in standard and custom designs and configurations to accommodate the full range of digital switching applications. All rubber keypads are sealed and potted to ensure they can withstand use in extreme environments. In addition to our membrane switches and keypads, the other digital switching product we offer is I/O modules.

Visit our digital switching systems page for more information on these products.


Splitters are devices used to direct a CAN signal or power to multiple devices. Integrating them into one compact module can dramatically lessen complexity, decrease weight, and improve organization. All of these qualities are especially important in mobile equipment applications, where space and weight are usually at a premium.

Our splitters come in a variety of configurations to reduce CANbus or power bus harnessing. They include:

  • J1939 Splitters
  • CANopen Splitters
  • Sealed Bus Bars

For additional information on these products, check out our splitters page.

Voltage Regulators

Mobile equipment needs to operate within strictly prescribed voltage ranges. Voltage regulators ensure the voltages from batteries within the system do not exceed that range.

We offer a comprehensive range of voltage regulators, ranging from 3-amp half-wave units to severe service 60-amp regulators, ensuring that all mobile equipment operates safely and efficiently. Our voltage regulator products include:

  • Single Phase Half Wave Voltage Regulator
  • Single Phase Full Wave Voltage Regulator
  • 3 Phase Shunt Voltage Regulator
  • 3 Phase Full Voltage Regulator

Learn more about these products on our voltage regulators page.

Industrial Solenoids

Solenoids convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, usually in the form of a pushing or pulling motion. They consist of a metal housing containing a plunger and a wire coil. When powered on, the coil generates an electromagnetic field, which forces the plunger to move. This motion can be used to move components or to activate locks and latches.

Our industrial solenoids offer flexibility, rapid response times, and reliable performance across various industrial settings. They include:

  • Equalizer/ISE 600 Family
  • P600 Pull & Q600 Push Solenoids
  • D600 Pull & D500 Pull Solenoid Family
  • P500 Pull & Q500 Push Solenoids
  • Cable Kit Solenoids

Get more information on these products on our industrial solenoids page.

Electronic Control Units

Electronic control units (ECUs) are embedded systems that control multiple electrical systems and subsystems. They are commonly used in automobile systems, where they simplify control over headlights, fans, motors, and other components.

Our standard electronic control products include:

  • Power Distribution Module
  • Diesel Pre-Heat Module
  • Battery Separator
  • PWM Module
  • Fan Motor Controller
  • 12V Timer Module
  • Ag Implement Flasher Module
  • Automotive H-Bridge Module
  • Sealed Bus Bar
  • Automotive Headlight Flasher Module
  • DC to DC Converter
  • Intelligent Motor Control

Our engineers have the knowledge and skills to design and build electronic controls to meet specific application requirements. This capability allows us to create custom solutions as needed.

Want more information on these products? Visit our electronic controls page.

Integrated Components

Integrated component modules combine multiple electronic components (resistors, diodes, and other discrete components) to eliminate the need for labor-intensive soldering. Our integrated components are available in 2-pin, 4-pin, and 6-pin connector models.

Go to our integrated component modules page for more information on these products.

Mobile Equipment Power Solutions at SMP Engineered Solutions

Looking for quality power solutions for your mobile equipment? Turn to the experts at SMP Engineered Solutions! We are an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of DC power switching and management products for mobile equipment. Armed with extensive experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and world-class engineering capabilities, we have what it takes to create durable and reliable power products for mobile equipment used in nearly every industry or application. We also offer customization capabilities, so customers can tailor their solution to meet their exact requirements and restrictions.

To learn more about our power products and how they can benefit your mobile equipment, contact us today.