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What are DC Contactors?

July 13, 2023

DC contactors provide a cost-effective and reliable method to switch current in low-voltage DC circuits. Industries that use our DC contactors include (but are not limited to) agriculture & construction, lawn & garden, marine, mobile hydraulics, heavy trucks, and electric vehicles. DC contactors must be carefully selected with consideration to the expected environmental factors, current levels, and voltage levels of their intended application.

SMP Engineered Solutions develops and manufactures innovative DC power switching and power management products for use within mobile equipment markets, including DC contactors. We understand that our customers require components that will perform when it matters, so we specialize in designing products that perform under even the harshest environmental conditions. All of our solutions are designed with input from our diverse range of mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineers.

The Basics of DC Contactors

DC contactors are electrical switching devices, similar to a relay. Contactors can handle much higher current levels than standard relays, which makes them useful for mobile equipment applications. The contactor functions by applying a voltage to the coil, this creates a magnetic field which moves the contacts to the closed position and completes the circuit. Once voltage is removed from the coil, the contacts will open back up and disconnect the circuit. The large contact surface and the high amount of contact pressure allows the contactor to handle the higher in-rush currents typically seen in the mobile equipment markets.

DC Contactors From SMP Engineered Solutions

At SMP Engineered Solutions, we offer a variety of DC contactors, ensuring we have an appropriate solution for nearly any application. Our portfolio of DC contactors includes the following product lines:

  • Full Silver PowerSeal – Uniquely designed for high-amperage applications and able to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.
  • Plastics Family – Includes standard, enhanced, sealed options, all built with a compact and economical approach.
  • Defender – Sealed to ensure switching functions, even under the harshest conditions. Design provides low-current switching while in low-temperature situations.
  • PowerSeal Family – Optimized for high-performance at a competitive price, this line also features a sealed construction.
  • Reverse Polarity – Provides a cost-effective solution for reversing the polarity of permanent magnet motors. By combining two DC contactors, this unit drives down the cost of parts and is more reliable than other reverse polarity solutions.
  • Solid State Relay – Offering a working lifespan longer than any contactor in its class, this unit has no moving parts that cause wear. It also tolerates harsh environmental factors, including vibration, moisture, debris, and a large range of operating temperatures.
  • Bear – Features a high current capacity and a proven rugged design.
  • Metal Family – Traditional DC contactor that is still used in a variety of applications.
  • 200A Latching Battery Separator – Able to monitor voltage levels of two batteries and connect both to the alternator for charging once it has been confirmed the main starting battery is at a healthy voltage level.

Power Management & Switching Solutions from SMP Engineered Solutions

We are proud to use our years of experience and exceptional customer service to provide solutions to your DC contactor needs. Our goal is to continue our leadership position in the design and manufacturing of power management and switching products, including our industry-leading DC contactors.

Please contact us for more information about DC contactors or any of our other products.

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