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All About CAN Bus Devices

August 15, 2023

Controller Area Network (CAN) refers to a high-integrity serial communications protocol that facilitates interactions between electronic controls, sensors, and electromechanical devices in a system. The network standard accommodates the need for real-time control and secure transmission. While it was originally designed for use in vehicles, its ruggedness and dependability have led to its increasing employment…

Contactors and Relays 101 – Comparison & Applications

August 15, 2023

Contactors and relays are both solenoid switches that operate in electrical circuits to help ensure the efficiency of the system. They have similar functions and constructions, which results in many people confusing the two and even using the terms interchangeably. At a basic level, the two components function to turn electrical circuits on and off…

What is J1939? – A Complete Guide

July 13, 2023

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Truck and Bus Control and Communications Subcommittee developed the J1939 higher-layer protocols to improve heavy-duty vehicle communication. The described standards provide advanced networking technology management capabilities that support messages of unlimited lengths using node IDs. The SAE standards define communication for trucks, agricultural equipment, buses, and other vehicle networks…

What are DC Contactors?

July 13, 2023

DC contactors provide a cost-effective and reliable method to switch current in low-voltage DC circuits. Industries that use our DC contactors include (but are not limited to) agriculture & construction, lawn & garden, marine, mobile hydraulics, heavy trucks, and electric vehicles. DC contactors must be carefully selected with consideration to the expected environmental factors, current…

Digital Switching | Membrane Switches & Keypads

July 13, 2023

Digital switching systems are network-controlled hardware devices that replace DC mechanical switches with digital power distribution switching systems. Unlike mechanical switches, digital switching systems are programmable and completely customizable to meet the needs of each application. SMP Engineered Solutions delivers standard and customized membrane switches and keypads for challenging digital switching applications involving harsh environments….