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SMP Wins Waytek New Product of the Year Award

August 4, 2022

SMP Wins Waytek New Product of the Year Award

SMP is pleased to announce it is the recipient of Waytek’s 2021 Product of the Year Award for its Trombetta CAN Bus Power Splitters and Control Modules.

Each year, Waytek presents the Product of the Year Award to recognize the supplier that has distinguished itself by introducing an innovative product which delivers outstanding value. The award also recognizes the chosen supplier’s strong commitment to excellence and collaboration with Waytek. The Trombetta CAN Bus Power Splitter and Control Modules series was selected to win the award due to its high quality, utility, and quick acceptance by Waytek customers. The series enables the breaking out of CAN signals using one connector, reducing the number of required plugs, wires, and harnesses.

Waytek Chief Customer Officer Kevin Pung stated, “Trombetta’s CAN Bus Power Splitters and Control Modules are an innovative solution quickly embraced by our customers seeking an affordable, compact product for connecting multiple devices to a J1939 CAN bus network. We are privileged to work with a supplier like Trombetta who is committed to maintaining a strong relationship with us and providing valuable solutions to our customers.”

Upon receiving this prestigious award, Mike Hassinger, Trombetta’s Director of Sales and Marketing stated, “We are so proud to have been awarded Waytek’s New Product of the Year Award. The introduction of our new splitter products has been an exciting venture, and we strongly believe these products will emerge as the industry standard. We’d like to thank Waytek for this tremendous honor and look to a strong continued partnership in the future.”