Metal Housing Family

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The Metal family includes both the standard Metal DC Contactor and the SPDT Metal. These electromechanical devices utilize a metal casing to surround a DC contactor, which allows for higher application ratings. While the standard Metal is best suited for hydraulic power packs, and military vehicles, the SPDT is used on truck winches, marine lifts, and RV slide-out systems.

Standard Metal Housing Family

Sized to fit a variety of starter applications and pole configurations, Trombetta Metal DC Contactors can be used effectively in many applications, from golf carts to stationary machinery. On smaller hydraulic power pack applications, the consistent Metal DC Contactor is the best bet to solving your engineering needs. Other applications for SMP Trombetta’s standard Metal family include buses, heavy trucks, and military vehicles.

Metal Housing SPDT Family

The Single Pole Double Throw Contactors provide current flow through one of two contact stud sets, suitable for operation in pairs for motor reversing.