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Smart Contactors

Smart Contactor

SMP Engineered Solutions is a global provider of customized vehicle control and thermal management solutions. We support both on- and off-highway market segments with expertly engineered and rigorously tested components. Our product offerings include smart contactors designed for battery voltage optimization within the electric vehicle market.

Overview of Smart Contactors

A smart contactor is a hybrid device that combines both standard production power relays with an electrical sensor and electronic module. Its purpose is to control the flow of power to equipment without the need for a conventional circuit breaker panel. Smart contactors are controlled by a host computer or logic network that they provide information to.

Smart contactors from SMP Engineered Solutions are designed with low-voltage electric vehicles in mind and feature a wide range of coil voltage to accommodate the wider functional voltage range of lithium-ion batteries. Our full Silver PowerSeal features a built-on coil economizer to ensure full functionality through a coil voltage range of 32-72VDC.

Smart Contactors Features

Our smart contactors offer many features that make them well-suited to a variety of demanding applications:

  • 200A continuous
  • 600A in rush
  • Customizable (electronic module)
  • Programmable rating
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Cost-effective


Controller Connector

  • Housing: Deutsch DT04-2P
  • Contacts: 0460-202-16141
  • Wedgelock: W2P

Controller Mating Connector

  • Housing: Deutsch DT06-2S
  • Contacts: 0462-201-16141
  • Wedgelock: W2S

For a full list of our smart contactor specifications, view our spec sheet.

Common Applications

Contactors are used throughout a number of different applications, depending on their size and capacity. Some of the components they can control include heating, thermal evaporators, capacitor banks, and other types of electrical loads. The most common applications for our smart contactors are:

  • Starter contactors
  • Main power contactors
  • Grid heater contactors for heavy-duty equipment

At SMP Engineered Solutions, our smart contactors are utilized in numerous industries, including:

Lawn and Garden

We have a long history of serving well-known OEMs in the outdoor power equipment industry. Our smart contactors can be used in both commercial and residential lawn and garden applications, such as riding mowers, snow blowers, small lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers, and more. We perform rigorous quality verification and testing to ensure our products withstand demanding outdoor conditions.

Heavy Duty

SMP Engineered Solutions can deliver quality smart contactor products for use in a wide range of heavy-duty applications, including lift equipment, earthmoving equipment, and large tractors. Our robust solutions can hold up in even the harshest of conditions and feature innovative designs that help our customers save on costs and equipment space.


Our high-performance smart contactors can be used in various powersport applications, including ATVs, UTVs, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. Due to the harsh nature of these applications, our products are specifically designed to resist environmental hazards such as vibration, moisture, dirt, high temperatures, and more.

Contact SMP Engineered Solutions for Premium Smart Contactor Solutions

Smart contactors are important components for optimizing battery voltage and reliably controlling power flow to electric motors, lighting installations, and other components. As an industry-leading designer and manufacturer, SMP Engineered Solutions supports the electric vehicle industry with safety-enhancing, cost-effective solutions. Our facilities hold the latest IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications to ensure unparalleled quality. To get started on your solution, contact our team today.

Specification Sheets

Smart Contactor Spec Sheet