Fuel Injector


All types of internal combustion engines require fuel delivery systems to supply their fuel and keep them running. One of the most effective methods for delivering fuel to these engines is fuel injection. Fuel injectors offer certain benefits that other types of fuel delivery solutions don’t, making them suitable for use in many applications.

As a leading provider of customizable fuel delivery solutions, SMP® Engineered Solutions offers fuel injectors in various configurations to meet our customers’ needs.

Fuel Injectors Explained

What is a fuel injector, exactly? Fuel injectors are pieces of equipment used to atomize and inject fuel directly into different types of internal combustion engines. At a specific point during the combustion cycle, the fuel injector atomizes and then injects the fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber. New injector models can also take instructions from the electronic control module (ECM) to precisely meter the fuel amount. Fuel injectors serve as replacements for carburetors that would normally use a vacuum to draw in a mixture of fuel and air generated by the piston’s downward stroke.

In addition to providing precisely metered amounts of gas or fluid according to the engine control system’s requirements, fuel injectors can hold up in environments with high vibration and extreme temperatures. They also offer optimal longevity, good sealing capabilities, and excellent repeatability.

Advantages of Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors offer many key benefits, including: 

  • Increased throttle response that provides the necessary power at all revolutions per minute (RPMs)
  • Longer engine life
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Minimized cold start issues
  • Simple setup
  • The ability to burn fuel more efficiently for a cleaner environment
  • Eliminated need to perform regular tune-ups
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Ease of starting, especially in colder temperatures
  • Detection of changes in throttle position, altitude, and weather conditions using sensors to gauge the appropriate amount of fuel to inject
  • Accurate, precise, and continuous fuel supply for the engine
  • Efficient burning of fuel due to the atomization process
  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Higher compression ratios
  • No need to make adjustments to align with the needs of a given situation

Why Choose Us for Your Fuel Injector Needs?

SwitchSMP® Engineered Solutions has access to an international network of resources, keeping us strategically positioned to give our customers the unique solutions they need for nearly any application. Our customer base falls primarily in the commercial and niche lightweight vehicle markets in the on-highway sector. Additionally, we support off-highway channels, such as powersports, construction and agriculture, industrial and hydraulics, and outdoor power equipment. 

Product Applications

At SMP® Engineered Solutions, we manufacture top-quality fuel injectors in most types of commonly used form factors. Our fuel injectors are available with many spray patterns, flow rates, electrical options, and sealing options. We’ll custom-tailor each fuel injector product based on your application’s unique requirements.

Fuel Injector Products from SMP Engineered Solutions

If you’re in need of reliable fuel injectors and other fuel delivery products, you’ll find plenty of options at SMP® Engineered Solutions. Our products cover a wide range of applications in the transportation sector, including diesel and gas along with alternative fuels, such as LNG, CNG, LPG, and hydrogen. In addition to fuel injectors, we offer a selection of fuel pressure regulators and fuel rail assemblies to meet your needs.

Need help finding the right custom fuel injector for your application? Contact us today to find the ideal product to meet your specific requirements and learn more about the capabilities of our fuel delivery solutions.