Voltage Regulators

How Does a Voltage Regulator Work?

A voltage regulator is a component that maintains the voltage of a power source. Voltage regulators are used on small platforms that use a battery in the system. The batteries are normally used to power the starter and other accessories such as lights, radios and heaters, etc. There are several different types and methods of selecting the most suitable voltage regulator for any application.

Types of Voltage Regulator

We offer a variety of Voltage Regulator Modules that are designed and manufactured at a low cost to meet your standards.

Shunt Voltage Regulator

Linear Shunt Voltage Regulator maintains a constant voltage. Shunt voltage regulator is suitable for mid to high power applications such as:  motorcycle, ATV and utility vehicles.

3 Phase Full Wave Voltage Regulator

The 3 phase Full Wave Voltage Regulator is a solution used for High Power/ High Frequency Applications such as: motorcycle, ATV and utility vehicles.

Single Phase Full Wave Voltage Regulator

The Single Phase full wave voltage regulator is an economical mid-power solution typically used in lawn and garden engines or other lawn applications.

SMP’s Voltage Regulator can be customized to each application. Contact us today.

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