Single Phase Full Wave Voltage Regulators

The Full Wave Voltage Regulator is an economical mid-power solution typically used in Lawn & Garden Engines or other low power applications.

Product Overview

  • Full wave 30 AMP regulator/rectifier with charging shutdown in response to over-voltage conditions
  • Unit protected against: Reverse battery condition, open circuit and short circuit operation. External fuse protection is recommended
  • For mating terminal and connector parts use packard electrical terminal #2965142 and connector body #2984959
  • Regulator to be used with 12 volt negative ground battery
  • Voltage at regulation 14.1 ± 0.2 volts at 70°, 3600 RPM
  • Maximum S.C.R temperature not to exceed 205° at 25 AMPS
  • Reverse Current: 1 milliamp maximum at 12.6V at 70°F
  • Remove sharp edges on terminals both sides
  • Temperature compensation range to be from -5 millivolts/°F to -15 millivolts/°F
  • Encapsulate unit with polyurethane
  • Current at regulation .5 AMPS maximum at 70°F
  • Minimum regulator turn on voltage to be 6.0 volts max
  • Regulator to discontinue charging in response to battery over-voltage. Overvoltage setpoint to be: 18.5V ± 1.2V at 70°F. Regulator shall not resume charging until stator falls below 20V peak at 70°F. Regulators to be 100% tested on these parameters.

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